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Location Based Services

The Challenge for IT and line of business managers is to create, deploy and manage new and compelling customer experiences, integrate them with underlying network and location services, existing CRMs and loyalty systems to make these experiences context and location aware for specific customized engagements.


Location Based Services (LBS) are services that leverage real-time geo-data to provide information, entertainment and security at a location on all end-user devices. Thus enabling companies to engage with their customers: integrated, contextual and efficient.

What can I achieve with

Location Based Services?

Reach your customers, guests, fans etc. via WLAN, Bluetooth Beacons and GPS Geofencing. Connect the analogue and digital worlds of experience and provide your customers with completely new, helpful, meaningful and specific experiences.

Acquire and onboard 100% shoppers (with or without an app) walking into your locations.

Allow easier maintenance and security via hierarchical customization & controls governed within global standards.

Engage shoppers across SMS, Email, APP, WiFi Splash Page configured by rules triggered intelligently by WiFi, BLE, GPS.

Seamlessly integrate with enterprise systems to drive loyalty.

Gain actionable insights into shopper’s in-location behavior.

Connecting the digital & physical customer experience


Highly scalable, easy to deploy.

  Full Life Cycle End-to-End Solution (Connect, Know, Engage, Integrate)
  Actionable Insights (Intelligent filtering of raw data into actionable insights)
  Scalable, Reliable, Secure (Guaranteed service SLA, Global availability
    with SOC-2, PII compliant)
  Powerful Rules Engine (IFTTT for Location Based Services - LBS)
  LBS Context as a Service API
  Expanded Reach (Multi-sense, Multichannel engagement)

Transform your customer experience

LUPA LBS Use Cases

There are so many possibilities to create new use cases with your input and dedicated customer knowledge. Find some of them below


Digital enhancement of physical stores

LUPA LBS enables at-location, mobile-personalized engagement at a store by automatically detecting and proactively engaging smartphone users. Smooth and seamless multichannel engagement with customers upon arrival at store using WiFi, BLEs or GPS. Personalized digital experience based on who the shopper is, with his/her preferences based on relevant historic interactions at the store they’re currently in. Retailers can effectively drive at-location loyalty (repeat business) and see increase in mobile app adoption, on-board more customers to loyalty programs, promote products and delight loyal customer at locations with offers & rewards through proximity based personalized marketing outreach.

Create better customer experience

With LUPA LBS, malls can significantly improve customer experience by behaving like a virtual personal guide – giving directions, telling them about new stores and offers, guiding them to the nearest restrooms etc. For example, visitors could get a listing of all the mall restaurants with current wait times and a provision to book a table through their phones. LUPA LBS also provides an excellent mechanism to get feedback from visitors on their mall experience as they exit.


Transform the fan experience

LUPA LBS allows stadiums to engage with fans like never before. It allows you to identify and track each fan from the moment they enter the stadium or even the parking lot. This provides rich data that can be analyzed to derive powerful insights into the behavior of each fan and get a view of how fans move across the stadium.


Re-imagine guest experiences

LUPA LBS helps recognize guests as they enter the property, greets them in a personalized manner, and helps provide them with personalized, relevant local area information and shopping offers, on-property offers, restaurant and activity recommendations based on past behavior. It can allow guests to unlock doors or enable certain services; map guests to their loyalty programs and offer membership based services.

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