The new IoT multifunctional smart device

LUPA introducing the DOT

The TelcoVillage IoT DOT is a smart, compact, multi-purpose Internet of Things end device. The dot features a global tracker, movement-, environmental-, and handling sensors with an integrated battery, manageable and loaded via USBC port. The IoT DOT comes with Location-, Tracking- and Sensor Suite APIs with optional, customizable iOS and Android APPs.

Customizable Case

Add your Text and Logo


Up to 16 Colors

Location Based Services

Surface Materials

Location Based Services

Location Technology

Location Technology

• GPS – global positioning via satellite (outdoor)
• Assisted GPS – global positioning via mobile network (indoor)
• A-GPS with WiFi – global positioning, WiFi assisted (indoor & outdoor)
• GSM Locator – offline positioning via mobile network (online & offline)
Native iOS und Android APPs

Native iOS und Android APPs

• Complete in-App User Experience, no external links
• In-App registration and dot management
• Customizable APP and features
• White labeled upon request
Smart Power Modus

Smart Power Modus

• Standby battery life of several months
• Integrable with external power supply



• 16 colors to choose
• Wide selection of surface materials
• Customizable logo and text design
Location API

Location API

• Location data for integration
Tracker Suite API (optional)

Tracker Suite API (optional)

• IMU- and sensor data for integration
APP Features

APP Features

• Intuitive dot activation and on-boarding
• One-Scan dot registration
• Shareable data sets
• Configurable KPIs and APIs
• Push Notification capabilities
• In-Flight Tracking mode
• Geofencing
• 24/7/365 Operation & Support

Extensive Functionalities

Extensive Functionalities

• 9-Axis Gyroscope – sensing orientation changes
• Accelerometer– measuring acceleration
• Speedometer – measuring velocity
• Hydrometer – measuring humidity
• Thermometer – measuring temperature
• Barometer – measuring air pressure
• Gasometer – measuring volatile organic compounds
• Magnetometer – measuring relative orientation
• Shock Sensor – measuring vibrations and shocks
• Audio Locator – pinpoint via sound

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