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Integrating the Future

We strive to make it as easy as possible for you to adopt new technologies, create new business models and revenue streams. Consulting, low-cost PoC, high-level RoI, an enabled staff, secured & GDPR compliant solutions is what we offer. We support our ecosystem partners in expanding their business throughout Europe.

The new IoT multifunctional
smart device

IoT DOT  ❯

The TelcoVillage IoT DOT is a smart, compact, multi-purpose Internet of Things end device. The DOT features a global tracker, movement-, environmental-, and handling sensors with an integrated battery, manageable and loaded via USBC port.
Customer experience
is everything

Location Based Services  ❯

Location Based Services
Acquire new and know your existing customers at your physical location. Gain actionable customer behaviour insights, interact multichannel and seamlessly integrate securely with your existing enterprise systems and APPs to drive loyalty.
Leverage the complete IoT value chain or bits and pieces

Internet of Things  ❯

Internet of Things
Leverage the IoT value chain end to end, or bits and pieces. Jointly plan, build and run your new IoE solutions. Transform ordinary objects into globally operational, constantly connected, secured, data generating and fully integrated smart devices.

Our Mission

Closing the Gap

Our mission is to enable you to bridge the future. Leveraging right-for-you new technologies to plan, build and run your future-proof business models.

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Sharing knowledge, capabilities and expertise is key to spearheading
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